rise’s surgery just ended and she’s doing fine!

edit: both rise and sojung are out of surgery and are okay!

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“It’s sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes.”

— ハヤテのごとく (via ryuul)

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[Update] Sojung continues to stabilize. Rise enters her 7th hour of surgery. No word on her condition at the moment.


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you dont need to say “i’m not a ladies code fan but-” in order to say you are sorry or upset that eunbi passed away… death is death and you don’t need to be a fan to mourn over the death of someone who was full of life and had a lot to give..

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my heart goes out to eunb of ladies code who was revealed today to of passed away from a car accident, along with the driver. deepest condolences to all effected.

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Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
Artist: 핫펠트(예은) (HA:TFELT (Ye Eun))
Played: 3254 times

The closing track ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ was written by Yeeun for a deceased WG fan. Yeeun was teary-eyed as she mentioned this. “She was a fan whom we [WG] were acquainted with the whole time. She came to our shows & fansigns. Her academic results were very good, she had always topped her school cohort until early last year. Nice personality, very cheerful. She fell ill with a brain tumor & died during the day of the college entrance exams. We [WG] had gone to the hospital to see her, but there was nothing else we could do. The news was a shock; there was no chance for a final farewell. It was my first encounter with a younger friend who passed away. She hadn’t even reached adult age before she died. It was devastating. I was in grief for about a month, then wrote this song. Whenever I listen to the tune, my heart always aches.”

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