i find it fishy that after sm announces that sulli has to take a temporary leave from her activites, and that as soon as f(x)'s red light promotions come to an end; sm announces a new girl group. plus, the teaser looked like a little kid's show and this group was made by the new ceo who's made tons of groups that failed; so i wouldn't be surprised if this group fails as well. i don't think they're going to last.

i totally get how the timing of both events can seem weird, but tbh, i don’t really have any strong opinions on the situation overall. personally, i just hope that both sulli and red velvet can be happy and successful. 

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hey there sweetpeas! i decided to make a follow forever before my birthday (which is coming up on july 30 sooooo yeah) bcus i’ve been meaning to ever since i changed my blogging style :-) also bcus i was kinda bored but yeah! i haven’t been on tumblr for a long time but i’ve met so many amazing people ♡ thank you for being awesome and having amazing blogs!!!!

MUTUALS - BOLDED ( which is almost everyone tbh )



E D I T # 1 | |  # - C

-chiish, 1081p, 1110mi, 94mt*, afalling, aiseu-tea, 94ist, accismuseu, amazitao, amberlius, antisulli, arihanagrande*, athaenas, babo-cheoreom, baekingkai, baektastic*, baektoyeoll, baexlo*, baobeiii*, bwerrie, byunbunnie, cadmiumcrush, cakedesu*, ceci-tea*, cheeridyos, chickabiddy*, choissul

E D I T # 2 | |  C - H (oh shoot i messed up i used the same iu picture as the next one)

chuu-xing, colorme-exo, dazzlingkai, ddaebakk, ddeerluhan, de-leux, dewusional*, dimplay, dohdoro*, doriimer, duoshitae, dyoffeine*, e-x-o-k-m, eggflour, electrail, elixin, eonh, esexoeveryday, exo-pastel, exoplanet, flowermaknae, fqzpocky, girldays, giyeuk, goyang-ii, heartstrings-, hellolesbeauexo

E D I T # 3 | |  H - K (there’s so many mistakes on this edit omg i’m so sorry for the people i mispelled ;;;)

hentaist, heylululu, himchxn, hitsu-ji, hokkaiiido, homilks, honesu, hoyeu, hvun, hyerims, hyoris, hyosic, hypertone*, imperyeol, ippeuni, iskullviet, iu-kawaii, jigeuk, jinkouu*, jongene, joomyum, joomyun, jooncherry, jpghan, jpglay*, kaiffeines, kaiumi, kaiyomii, kardashihun, kiitomi*, kim-jongiin, kinksoo, kkokairo*, kool-lay, kouqi, kris-u

E D I T # 4 | |  K - O 

krismegoodnight, krystals, krystql, kumoii, kvungsoos, lcumo, luhars, luuhaii*, maknaejpg, marshmellay, melonhun, milkikko, milklay (deleted blog;;;), milklu, milkuetea, milkyeoll, milkyypaws, mirukei, mirukei-senpai, missjongdae, mitsuwa, mmyuns, myeonns, naottokae, neutralis, nommi, noona-neomu-noona, numoe, odalr

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ohfreakingsehuns, ohhsehee, ohprincekim, ohsehx, ohsojins, pandaruri, park-dobii, peach-kissu, perfect-affection, pestale, phuonguyenx3, pilsuks, pohroro, porkbaekcon, prisonings, prkbm, prncessjin, puffyeol, puritie, rewindbaek, ruby-sica, ryeou, s1cas, screwufan*, secret-signal, sedults, seheartless*

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sehetheral, sehoen, sehuk, sehunetc*, sehunova, sehunphobia*, sehuntsmen*, sehuyun, sehvun, seigo-sei, seoulmisfits, seunqs, shiningqueens, skyberrii, sleepymaknae, song-victoria, songmino, soulli, strawberiily, sudyo, sugas, suhosan, sukireul, sullis, tameggo, taohnus, taoxun, tayps, theframist, theminsuga, tokkichul

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ttal, utsukush-iiviitakissme, vitaminsoo, vitaminyeol, wavue, what-is-a-luhan, wubulge, wufanqin, wuxiian, wuyifanxing*, wyfantasy, xehun, xehunter, xieunie*, xiuhmin, xiumiles, xiurror, xiutea, yeolshim*, yghigh, yifuan, yixingmilks, zelu, zitaoh, zitaoq, zukyoh

OH MY GOD IM FINALLY DONE!!! Sorry if i made so many mistakes on this follow forever post i made this at like 3am or 6am i don’t even know TT u TT 

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You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it. - The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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I’ve been following some of you so long I’m so attached to you I don’t even care what you post anymore I just enjoy your presence and personality thanks for being so rad even though I don’t talk to a lot of you yeah this post just got 10 times creepier ok bye

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love you sky, love you so much (by Kathryn)

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